Hey, I figured it out. Whoever RemusM wrote on this forum that the SIS Sandra file system benchmark showed slower results after switching to AHCI was correct, but, on the other hand, Win XP seems to just leap on the screen on a reboot and the logging output from my Java programs scrolls by on the console screen so fast that the characters are just a blur. Usually, no further adjustments are necessary. Let Windows not search! As a result the memory speed is also increased since the Front Side Bus is directly linked to the memory frequency.

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Msi Wind U100 Ahci Driver Windows Xp

What board do you have? Retrieved from ” https: I think this works for a broader range of boards than simply copying iaStor. That once again proves that the simplest solutions are usually the best. I will probably flash back to 1.

Before I could easily read the logging messages. Home Help Search Login Register. How can I prevent all these problems expect the power problem.


You have to be plugged into AC power for the setting to work and you should see one of the above icons when you enable or disable the feature. Manually install the driver!! If it does not work in your case, try with the reg file.

So, on the whole, I am very satisfied. The following hotkeys do not produce keycodes, however they do function as intended:. This page was last modified on 26 Augustat It wund how to extract the file you need without running the installer in the regular sense.

AHCI support for H61MU-E35 (B3)?

Win 7 Pro 64bit. Go to the place where you the IAstore. It didn’t solve my problem anyway, so might just as well do that. I hope these specs tell enough: However, in general terms: I missed it though, which means other readers would probably miss it too.

I tried the registry method after the install, but I guess since this laptop uses ICH9M, it didn’t work. Windows XP bootet without problem. What follows are items of particular interest to U owners.


You can also use a partition management program to resize the Windows XP partition before installing Arch Linux. Whatever I tried, it wouldn’t work, until I tried ahci mode.

What does reseting CMOS help? Please login or register. Please login or register.

Anyone here experiencing any problem using AHCI and SATA? – Forums

Hi All, I believe I’m missing something with Solid state drives. I was too tired to look up the AHCI history at the time. I have never updated bios before and I fear to screw up. Double clicked reg file to install to registry. I searched my whole computer wine my XP cd and it is on neither. Jack, maybe should add to the original guide-post the ICH9M reglines provided here as well?