If anyone has compaired the two and knows which one is better I’d appreciate the advice. Cookies help us deliver our service. You can notice fragments scanned at a certain resolution with scratches to be removed – they are marked with red Focusing is only automatic, and sometimes it’s difficult to make it work optimal. But you will get used to it. It also allows scanning framed slides, though the manufacturers do not consider it a useful feature because holders for films are metallic and this one is plastic.

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The original size is x, 6 Mp.

Microtek announce ArtixScan 120tf

You can distinguish 1. I believe Microtek has its HQ in Taiwan and all they do is digital imaging according to websiteso in the long run they might be more dedicated to their product line. The resolution chart shown was shot on Mikrat film with the Yashica lens. Nikon included software is now very good so Silverfast is microte needed.

He has little use for ICE and prefers mixrotek do it in Photoshop old timer. As these deviations and tolerances accumulate, the scanning module gets increasingly “off” in its position, which if left uncorrected impacts negatively on the subsequent scanned images.

In the heavy-weight class we have Bessa Voigtlander and Mamiya C33 with the frame formats of 6×9 and 6×6 respectively. This slide and film scanner makes it easy for you to fit it into your space effortlessly for better space management using its practical form factor. When scanning format it misses a start of a every frame by 1 millimeter.


Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Other articles you might find interesting The obvious difference would be that the tf lacks ICE. Shots taken with a 50 years old camera can 10tf much better because even top-notch auto cameras will never substitute photographer’s experience.

Microtek TF Question | I Shoot Film Scanner Group. | Flickr

This item doesn’t belong on this page. This film scanner can also scan film, 6×9 cm, 6x7cm, 6x6cm, and 6×4. Below you can see the central part of the resolution chart starting from the 5th circle.

At the frame format of 6×9 cm we got a frame of x pixels, In the mid-range class we have both amateur-level and professional cameras: Outstanding Image Quality With its 10, element linear CCD, the ArtixScan tf reaches a resolution of up to pixels per inch, allowing professional users to work with small protions of an image for large scale enlargements at maximum sharpness and clarity without sacrificing any detail.

But you will get used to it.

The comparison looks quite logical. Login Join for Free. I haven’t tried yet, but just casually placed a third party piece of glass I had cut for my Epson V 35mm holder and it fit right in the Microtek holder.

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Is Real! Especially with 6×6 and 6×7 format. The scale was chosen so that the object sizes in pixels coincided with the scanned image.


At a lower resolution the grain isn’t so noticeable, which makes this mode more optimal. It was also covered by a new 1 year warranty which I thought was pretty generous. So, you can get the same results on a postcard with all microteo cameras: Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: SilverFast Microte, is the only thing that makes the difference between the two scanners, in terms of image quality.

Microtek ArtixScan tf Color Film Scanner (35 mm)

In particular, it can remove horizontal or vertical scratches of a certain type which is vital for scanning archives which are usually stored in rolls. I usually use glass carriers If I can to keep the film flat. Compare the images below resulted from scanning and shooting under a microscope with the Casio QV digital camera.

If you don’t really need it then go Microtek. Hi, I have a Microtek Artixscan TF among other scanners and I have just come to realize that the 35mm film holders which I haven’t looked at in years will accommodate panorama film.