My laptop is faster and has a much more powerful graphics card than my desktop. The demo version works for 14 days or 50 startups, whichever occurs first. Once you obtain a copy of MaxiVista, installation is a relatively simple procedure. September 3, at 7: Then a couple of clicks of MaxiVista’s tray icon on the primary PC supplemented its x LCD display with an extended desktop at the native resolution of the secondary PC’s inch display, which in our case was x MaxiVista lets you choose from multiple resolutions for the secondary display and supports both portrait and landscape modes.

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I will come back with the solution if I find one. Since I tested MaxiVista on a bit Vista desktop and a bit Windows 7 laptop, I had to download both the and bit versions, which came in zip files of about 5 Maxivksta each. However it will not connect.

Michael MaxiVista Team http: The viewer does not require installation. The shared clipboard can be a convenient way to move data quickly between systems, and it can be disabled if desired.

MaxiVista: Enabling An Extra Monitor Over Your Network

Log in to Reply. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. The Server creates a virtual-graphics adapter that then seeks out the Viewer on the network.

More Usage Results and Considerations, Demo vs.

However, then I decided to try my older laptop. A configuration like that would have been considered high-end, desired mostly by professionals in a business environment, like a graphics design studio or financial firm. This provides excellent performance because the application knows exactly how much video memory is available for its immediate needs.


I had to refocus every time I peered at it, and things on the laptop were much too small for comfort. QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. The server software also spits out a viewer application that you copy to and run on the secondary system. Once the virtual display adapter was loaded on the primary system, we were able to use XP’s standard display controls and configure it as a secondary display.

A server needs to be installed for each secondary monitor. Multiple monitor setups are beautiful, and having all that screen real estate allows one to view more of their work or play and get the “bigger picture.

The name evidently refers to the literal definition of “vista,” NOT Microsoft’s latest operating system. For those who missed my earlier review, Maxividta is a networked virtual display driver that lets you extend your Windows desktop onto the screen of a second computer.

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Inside the Raspberry Pi: The laptop is inches and has the same resolution as my inch desktop monitor. Roll Your Own Network Cables It may not be something you do everyday, but having the supplies and know-how to whip up a network cable on the spot can be very handy.

Dragging videos over doesn’t work, but starting them on each screen does, so that’s not a big problem. This is normal as the software is integrating its virtual-graphics adapter into the operating system’s native support for multiple monitors and then reorients the display system.


When you do, you’ll encounter a prompt from your Firewall program asking if it is OK to allow MaxiVista to communicate on your network. This makes it desirable, then, to purchase a second monitor of the same size and resolution, and cost, as the primary monitor. They denied it for months and months and finally acknowledged an issue never fixed though afaik. After a while, I found that I spent most of my time looking at the big monitor and the laptop to the right.

My fingers are just tired. The reason for using one, two, or more monitors varies, though.

Acting on a childish impulse, the first thing I did was to drag an application maxivusta that it bridged from the desktop monitor to the laptop and shake it up and down with the mouse to find out how bad the lag was. We put MaxiVista v4 through its paces with a pair of systems—one a notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium final code and the other a desktop with Windows Vista Home Premium. September 3, at 7: The saving grace is couod you can use Vista systems as secondary PCs without modification or restrictions.

You’ll see the MaxiVista icon appear in the Notification area.