Parameters inputCenter The center of the lens flare. Produces a tiled image from a source image by rotating the source image at increments of 60 degrees. Distorts the pixels starting at the circumference of a circle and emanating outward. Applies a directional spotlight effect to an image. Image samples that are equal to pure black or pure white result in pure black or white. Discussion Shades of gray in the mask image vary the blur radius from zero where the mask image is black to the radius specified in the inputRadius parameter where the mask image is white. I hope this helps Thanks, Nick.

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Valid for any data, but least compact.

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A CIVector object representing the rectangular region of interest. Import Statement Not applicable. Rotates the source image by the specified angle in radians.

Valid only when the message is an ASCII-encoded string of digits, achieving optimal compression for that type of data. Discussion The result is to overlay the existing image samples while preserving the highlights and shadows of the background.

Cibx CIColor object whose display name is Color 1. You can use this filter with the CIShadedMaterial filter to produce extremely realistic shaded objects. A CIVector object whose display name is Size.


Localized Display Name Random Generator. Adjusts tone response of the R, G, and B channels of an image.

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Localized Display Name Color Polynomial. Produces a kaleidoscopic image from a source image by applying way symmetry.

Parameters inputMessage The data to be encoded as a QR code. Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers. Produces a stylized ca,era rendition of an image that looks similar to cameraa woodblock cutout. Creates a rectangular area that pinches source pixels inward, distorting those pixels closest to the rectangle the most. This is the image data you want to process. Uses the luminance and saturation values of the background image with the hue of the input image.

You can also apply a combination of these operations.

Applies a preconfigured set of effects that imitate black-and-white photography film without significantly altering contrast. Have a manual for Cameras? A Boolean value that determines whether to include information about the compaction mode in the barcode even when such information is redundant.

Creates a color, halftoned rendition of the source image, using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks over a white page. You must pass the transform as NSData using a statement similar to the following, where xform is an affine transform: Dec 29, Nikon Cameras.


You can specify the number of rotations as well as the center and radius of the effect. Discussion This is similar to dodging. Applies a preconfigured set of effects that imitate vintage photography film with exaggerated color.

Core Image Filter Reference

Reduces noise using a threshold value to define what is considered noise. This results in colors that are at least as dark as either of the two contributing sample colors. Transitions from one image caera another by passing a bar over the source image.

The width and height of each module square dot of the code in the output image is one point.

Core Image Filter Reference

When a mask value is 0. A value of 1 causes the image to be stretched uniformly. Warps an image by reflecting it in a cinox, and then tiles the result. This is similar to dodging.