First, enable test mode and disable driver signing in order to install these hacked drivers. I just a new computer from a local shop and I’m running into this problem. Functionality is very well and good but when the drivers are causing BSOD’s around and sometimes even 4 times per day on a product that cost this much and is only 3 years old, that should still be fully supported just doesn’t cut it. My other question is that is this only a Win 8. Absolutely, when you add new drivers, Windows scans through the inf files to see if the driver says it supports that OS version. Its better to have a separate nic instead of using on board anyway to free up the processor. But the Win 8 driver doesn’t work:

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Armed with our Vendor and device identifier, we will now browse to the directory in PowerShell where we placed the unzipped install files earlier. Windows Server got installed on that machine.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. The solution was to manually install the driver from the NDIS62 folder by pointing it to the 8258v I have also tried the suggested workarounds mentioned in this thread but it still wont work.

Happy these steps still work! Hi, We have purchased a new computer for our office. Hi Hax0mort, the driver on MY cd does not work at all, it may be a newer vesion than the one you haveremember my board is only 2 weeks old: The latest driver that is installed is: I also updated all of the drivers, plus I updated the utilites to the most recent versions: This is wrong too as only the Q driver has the correct hardware IDs in the.


But the Win 8 driver doesn’t work: The drivers work, they have windows 8 drivers for it, nobody can or will port them to 8. Out of nowhere, the LAN connection drops to a crawl. And since the I found a number of threads of chatter around related issues for other components all cited belowand after some experimentation, I got it all working.

Hacking an Intel network card to work on Server R2 –

Agreed, this is complete BS! Is anybody else having their NIC drop out under load? If you wish to use the advanced features, please do not use 82853v.

Typical ASUS customer service, this is not my first experience with their monkeys, I decided years ago that the ASUS products I own atm will be the last, I suggest others follow suit and find a company that takes care of their customers – ASUS have obviously forgotten that it is only us 28583v keeps them 825883v business Asus doesn’t make drivers for Intel hardware. I’m getting more convinced that the cause of this might be the Bios version, can everyone confirm that they are running on that bios?


Downloads for Intel® 82583V Gigabit Ethernet Controller

I wish I knew how to replicate the method I found. I wish i had come across this issue before i ordered the board. Skill Srrver 16GB.

Normally, there is little distinction between a desktop or a server OS so our steps here 8283v it will work, and we simply add a new entry for our OS. Friday, June 21, 6: Thank you MarshallR, I believe the main group of us are without the latest driver support for 8.

Looking for a driver for the V chipset and |Intel Communities

I’m not sure this is a asus problem. I would have thought MarshallR would have come back too, but I see that he has been working on the lastest news feature as seen on the front page which is quite aptly titled Tried 8258v3 Tested: Enjoy finally your updated driver package Darn! Here are the main aspects we can provided after the initial review of the ticket: Evem windows is complaining about Ethernet hardware: First, enable test mode and disable driver signing in order to install these hacked drivers.

I get bsod from cpudrv Keep in mind I used the 64 bit Version.