I am finding that in absolute mode the touchpad is not very accurate and a bid jittery – not so in relative mode. For a year or more I’ve used the fspc program http: Sh4d0w sh4d0w-z wrote on Getting and installing Arch. The results sound fantastic, but I’m a recent Ubuntu-convert from OS X, so the files and commands are kind of intimidating.

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I’ve already got it working as a module and can try turning it into a dkms module. Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad Bug reported by phil on For disabling touchpad while typing you can try https: You need to register before you can post: There is no preference menu for modifying trackpad settings, however.


Using ndiswrapper in place of the in-kernel module is recommended because of this situation. Is there a fundamental difference between Lucid and Karmic? Any chance these tools and configurations will end up in Lucid in April? I have not noticed any adverse effects.


The webcam should be supported through the uvcvideo module by default, if not:. I found this article, which seems pretty detailed, but unfortunately, I am not comfortable enough to give it a try myself.

MSI Wind U100

You can find the details in bug and http: Sentelic has released a linux driver and configuration utility under GPL.

I see that the corner scrolling is disabled. Any advice for an Ubuntu noob like me to prevent disaster? Save the file then reboot.

Bug # “Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

I don’t know why it’s not working for me. See comments 27 and The on-board graphics uses the Intel driver.

This is not a bug in sentrlic linux-meta package, moving to the linux package. Hold the F11 key while booting in order to get to the boot device menu, then proceed by selecting the appropriate device and install as normal. And check if the trackpad is recognised in Windows as a device. She was actually happy with Ubuntu too before this incident, because her previous Xp was virus ridden.


You can also apply it as a diff against the kernel source tree versions 3. I stupidly didn’t install the one, but simply copied it over the original one.

Another problem is the configuration tool fspc. Posted January 13, Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad Also, could you please test the latest upstream kernel available following https: Qind Posted by kwiksilver.

Msi Wind U Touchpad Driver Download – downloadsark

Posted October 30, While I agree the corner scrolling is far from ideal, I did immediately find myself “missing” it. Also as mentioned before the driver is upstream now.

It would have to be backported to make it into Ubuntu. Not wanting to invest too much time into it, i chose to just restart it hoping th e kernel modules would just work then.