Official IRC Channel – reddit-sysadmin on irc. Log in or sign up in seconds. Thanks again for your help! Hello, Thank you for your comment. The time now is When you created them what type of drive did you use? In my case I had to type:.

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Thanks for your consideration. Add all of the applications that need to be deployed with the image. The older your version of Windows, the more updates it will need, and the longer the update process will take. Back to not-so-square-one, and ready to re-capture, update, or whatever when necessary.

For us, that was six different images for a single type of Windows vittualbox Windows 7 Pro x Do not expressly advertise your product.

So, I have the drive set as a PE boot device, but when I change the boot order to removable devices it skips it as if its not detecting anything vitualbox. Thanks for your efforts. These are two facets that are simply not available with building images on real hardware.

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Skip to toolbar Network Home Help and Support. I acquired a g USB, turned it into a winpe boot nnetwork. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of configuration, completely update Windows through Microsoft Update. One might think about adding MS Office into this process to allow it to join in the update process, but there is a reason not.


Then click the “Share” button.

How to use MDT 2010 + WDS with VirtualBox

Both are set to everyone permissions so it should work. Virtual machine software for the creation workspace.

Being unfamilier with MDT, do you have to have system center to use it? It is a great series virtualboxx articles. The more the better.

EDIT ivrtualbox reply to answer: Needless to say the images did not get updated too often due to the amount of work involved. Again, most of these tasks can be accomplished with a domain-based GPO.

I have been planning to write virutalbox build article soon. Install Windows onto the VM with all of the default settings. If you’re not sure how to do that look it up. A good example set to start would be: Elliot Labs 1 4 MDT just deploys Windows and applications.

Also have you got ADK installed on the server? Monday, December 13, 8: Enter any credentials required, select the appropriate task ndtwork, and give the image a name, then begin. I was able to capture the image to a network drive using the “net use” DOS command, but I was never able to figure out how to capture the image to a local drive.


This also involves less work in mainatining the image as any work only needs to be done once and not x-times per different type of hardware. The trick is when to apply this, during capture, or during deployment?

3. Capturing Windows Images built in VirtualBox – Adam Gutterman’s Tech Tips

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