All times are GMT. Originally Posted by sulu In my opinion, the most convincing feature of this particular N is the qwerty keymat with four cursor keys, which also seems to be in pretty good condition. Never had the infamous USB port issue. I’d like to buy one but if it’s closer to 90 than i’ll skip. I’ll try sending my log too. Here’s a mirror for you:

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Find all posts by Protegio. Originally Posted by shah. They must have seen long ago that MeeGo was gonna mawmo those delays, and still they kept their programmers busy with the already dead Symbian instead of making a worthy N successor. The Maemo OS is fast, complete and directed to professional and hard users, for this reason it came early to an end. For ibb people who own the Polarcell battery: When it opened a few seconds straight out.

I loved that phone to death! Since the work has already been started by the community in this direction, i m sure we will have more updates in very near future to support this feature too In order to make the Developer Regatta more interesting it should have a prize pool.


It has an advanced hardware and features that most people will never use. Where can i report bug?

Maemo-Barcelona Long Weekend/Travel

Now it says you have to wait 3 days to register again. The price is based on how much people ask for a N on Ebay, therefore I am starting from that.

The battery real voltage ranges from about 3. Though we are able to open menu in portrait mode, if we open any application in this mode, it will open in landscape mode only.

I tryed directly from 26 to 28 and not works I hope this msg can help anyone. There is no fixed amount so all donations are very welcome! EU charger, EU mobile bands etc. Too bad, the photo isn’t focussed correctly, so it’s hard to judge the actual condition of the keymat. I did a search yesterday for sygic maps maemo and i found a torrent for sygic maps 10 and i installed that.

I know a few people who live in India who where looking for maps for their n Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. It is mostly because these 2 things: Thanks In Advance Brother. Yappari contact is synchronize with your phone book.


– Talk – [Fremantle Maemo5] [Announce] Yappari – A WhatsApp Client for the N ONLY

Send a private message to memo. Bugs can be reported here before you post a bug, read the first post for how to obtain the log ; Sneakpeek: Mad prices on ebay for HTC Desire batteries: Rajesh Dwivedi, 25 Feb Hi Ganpat, Well i m unable to understand y this application is not working.

N belongs to another landing of mobile devices.

Most other countries have voice navigation with sygic. Total of user reviews and opinions for Nokia N Originally Posted by davisrases Meamo Hello everyone! This file holds the information on which number you are using and if you are registered etc. Thanx again Scorpius, u r the best!