You may want to. Wireless LAN soft blocked: Works perfect every time though a real pain to have to go through to get wireless working. Here you can download windows 7 driver for Lenovo IdeaPad Sc. But when booting the kernel from power off, the wireless led is on when grub is shown and gets turned off, when the kernel boots and both, Wlan and Bluetooth are disabled. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. Mainframe mainframef4-deactivatedaccount wrote on

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The suspend workaround stopped working for me.

Earlier it was working well but now the wireless does not work and i am tethered to a line. The workaround I used to reactivate the wireless permanently was to reimage wimsx hard drive back to the original Windows 7 installation.

driver wireless lenovo s10-3s

Download is free of charge. Turn the laptop over bottom up and remove the battery 2.

Please do not test the kernel in the mainline kernels archive directory daily folder, but the one all the way at the bottom. Same problem in 3. The proc file indeed just gives some status output.


Lenvoo S’s deck is made of plastic that has been painted to resemble brushed aluminum, a brilliant design choice that adds sophistication without increasing the price. I have tested with the 2.

driver wireless lenovo ss – evujysi

You may want to. Message 1 of 9. So I’ve got the same issue but a slightly different experience. Thus the information if the hardware switch is on or off seems to be stored somewhere else, but not in the area used for nvram. Depending on your point of view, it could be lnovo or less scary than pulling the battery. While the S uses different brands of wireless card,e.

Sometimes there are a number of drivers which would work for your wireless wiimax. Lenovo IdeaPad S; Manufacture: Though this is not a permanent fix on its own, gluing the switch in the ON position should prevent it from recurring. Just my two cents. Aran aran-organicdesign wrote on When the system is restored from suspend, wireless remains turned on, dmesg shows “ath9k: When I did a “dmesg” I saw lots of these “ath9k: Unable to mount root fs on unknown- block 0, 0 ” because the initrd.


Select the driver to download.

Lenovo IdeaPad S Netbook WinXP, Win7 Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

Here is the review: Download full text 3. Thanks for your description how to open the netbook to reset the CMOS RAM by removing the w10-3 and the report that it solves the issue.

Driver unloaded [ Appears there is a persistent setting that gets flagged in the bios when the switch is moved to off that doesn’t get cleared when moved back to on.

First I’d like to thank Michael for his workaround. Wireless and Bluetooth switch does not work correctly on lenovo ideapad s Then you can update.

Today I had some time and revisited the issue. With which bios version did that work? Netbook lenovo S punya temen ane gak bisa detek wifi dan kamera, padahal udah di instal driver Wireles dan kamera hasil download di web resmi lenovo.