As I understand it – the controller sees a problem in the drive, but can not fix it. I would also like to know – as the controller performs mirroring and Striping. If you do it successfully, please report first and then try anything else. This is not an issue I have come across before but I have asked the tech lab to have a look in to it for you. What do I do now? Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

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Many thanks to all for the answers.

The board has but one IDE connector, so use it for an optical drive. WebPam see information tells me that I have wheels on ports 1 to 4, and even zero-port appears in the logs.

If you plan on running two videocards in CrossFire mode, don’t forget to plug in those aux power connectors on each raod.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The link for Win7 x64 driver is here.

And then the controller will know which sector is more daid The system worked steadily year, during this period fell 4 klaystera in bedy. And why, in fact, there will be problems?

After checking the logs appeared the following entries: At the ms69g of the other car realized, thought will do without it. Since your board has a SB Southbridge, you can use ahci driver 3. Gigabyte’s GA-MA69G-S3H motherboard will work with pin main ATX cable power suppliesbut older units are not designed to handle the power requirements of modern computers with multiple videocards, so do yourself a favour and upgrade to a PSU with a pin cable.


If you do it successfully, please report first and then try anything else. I decided to make an array WebPam resynchronization means utility was bundled with the motherboard. I do not know how otragiruet controller when in the course of the check will stumble on two mirrored sector, both of which are good, but the data do not match them. First of all I’m sorry to hear that you have had issues installing your new MX in your system.

The full version of the log even more complaints mma69g the screw Port Number 0, Target ID 1 – that’s why I can not understand – how the controller produces numbering. This is not an issue I have come across before but I have asked the tech lab to have a look in to it for you.

There is also a newer driver, version 3.

Mainboard Driver: Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H (rev. )

Trying to transfer the ma699g on the other computer and where they kurochit? I read the documentation for the WebPAM “have found a lot of interesting things there is a function to check each disc alone.


Help save the information from the hard drive.

Then the controller accurately understand how to take the information. Why drive to remove and drive mhdd on another controller, and when it should happen? Recently I started having problems with corrupt data on the logical drives. How to understand where ma69b disc. Tried both ahci drivers for win7 32bit,for my motherboard and this you mentioned About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

Before trying everything, try to boot in safe mode.

Gigabyte Technology GA-MA69G-S3H, Socket AM2, AMD Motherboard

Podohli motherboard Peace she only dreamed. All plohochitaemye sector to replace the hard disk controller level rather than introducing them in the BSL. Tried to see the disk status means MHDD – it does not recognize the controller. Well, I did not expect this so sharply Screws were originally labeled. If you want an x86 32bit driver or you don’t have a system to unzip the driver firstplease report so, in order to give you another link to use.

Because i didnt load any driver,think its msahci