I’ve sifted through the posts here– great info! BCook65 Electricity is your friend and your friend needs a hug My Halon extinguisher has lost pressure so I keep a Tundra brand spray can extinguisher near the machine but the best thing is to not leave the room. Skip to main content. It is quite possible that “suspects that the tube will need to be replaced soon” really means “the tube should have been replaced years ago”. I looked at a Triumph TRH and it looks like it’s not well engineered or well built. Makes me wonder if this is worth the hassle.

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ALL Hi everyone I am looking to purchase an epilog laser 24EX or 32EX and I am looking for some feedback to see if anyone is having problems with there unit and also how good is the quality.

The Epilog Laser Systems are faster than ever with very high quality resolution and a very user friendly driver. If you look under the “Settings” tab on the interface above the download button in phCAD and read those “parameters” then you might get somewhere.

Anyway if alec01 is following this thread then the settings you need are or at least the settings culled from our machine are Work Paramaters Space Speed – It has run great except for an occasional ghost line when I don’t let the job fully transfer to the laser from the computer before I start lasering.

Have thought about doing the internal cuts with the laser and just doing a mark line for the outside cuts and then cutting the outside with the scrollsaw like I do with the dog signs. Anyone have experiece with an Epilog Summit?


EPILOG Summit LASER ENGRAVER – 40 Watt Laser | eBay

Add to watch list Add to wish list. Add to watch list. Log in or sign up in seconds. For now, a colleague is lending me a USB floppy drive for my Mac so I can just use the old sneakernet: This is an update and a message for alec01 who seems to be suffering the same problem. Looking at the info on ladyada. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a usmmit window or tab Add to watch list.

Epilog Summit 2000/25a

Their support is indeed great but that is a very old machine and I do think they stop supporting things at some point. But it came out on page1 of Google so I thought that I’d just register and flag up the potential problem if anyone else is thinking of buying a machine from Triumph. Do use the laser to cut those too? On my machine, the molex is tucked just under the edge of the left hand guide rail.

Looks like I need to buy a halotron fire extinguisher. The only thing I’m lasering at the moment is the dog signs. There may be issues with drivers for WIN98 so you’ll need to do your homework before shelling out your hard earned cash.


Feb 17, Boynton Beach, Florida, United States. The Summit is a model vs. I may in the future do the grandfather clock with the laser however that would take a lot of vector programming and I prefer to have the natural oak look on the edges instead of the burned look. More depressingly there is no attempt at customer service – denial that any problem exists is more like it.

However I have seen some people say that they need a lot of work to be made useable, but have not seen much on what all is typically done to make them useable.

I’m completely new to this and didn’t have time to prepare for the laser’s arrival– I had to act fast! What all in general needs to epiloh done?

There’s a window in the office I could use as a vent outlet, if I need one. Thanks again for your honesty this is a big investment for me and I just want to make sure I am buying a good product that will have little to no problems.

Epilog Summit model 2000/25a

There is no cutting grid or vacuum hold down. BCook65 Electricity dpilog your friend and your friend needs a hug Sign in for more lists. Most importantly I guess: I have it hooked up to my shopvac, which is NOT ok for more than testing