All listings not paid by the morning of the 5th business day will be re-listed or sold and previous listings cancelled. Techno Empire will not reimburse customs, taxes or any other related fees or expenses for any International returns. Payments for all listings are due within 5 business days of listing close unless agreement is made by us via email to extend deadline. We do our best to fairly evaluate the condition of a non-working item and give an honest description of any symptoms. If you can think of a better way to adjust this value, please let me know. If you still use this stuff please contact me and let me know what you use it with.

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In the unusual circumstance that it takes longer, we will notify you with an email. If you still use this stuff please contact me and let me know what you use it with. Items that are special orders, discontinued, or closeouts, are all non-returnable.

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All used item returns must include everything that came with the item and in the same condition as received. View Cart Check Out. New items that are defective within 30 days of receipt can be returned for replacement, store credit or full refund.

Returns have to be emabic through several departments. This item comes as seen in photos, and does not include any accessories.

Using VITC is desirable when the sequencer needs to be synchronized to video with frame accuracy; the Unitor8 MkII provides this frame accurate synchronization at all times, even during fast-forward and rewind.


Return items must be insured for at least the full value of the item. Carrier must note any damage to the box on a release form or you can refuse acceptance. Although tempting to have both of your favorite things together, put down the chicken wings slathered in barbecue sauce that is dripping all over your leather vest and beard and be sure your hands are clean and dry before trying out your awesome new gear.

If you can think of a better way to adjust this value, please let me know.

We can accept payments by phone or we can issue a credit card invoice by email. Pet odors, cigarette and other smoke items can also affect the “newness” of your gear. Similar to any manufacturers warranty, our one-year extended warranty on new items and day warranty on used items provides coverage under normal operating conditions.

For example, if you returned a guitar pedal or microphone because “it is not working”, but it was found that you simply had plugged it in wrong. Return shipping costs for new items are the responsibility of the buyer.

Examine all boxes upon receipt by the carrier before acceptance. Oversized or freight items.

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The drop down selects emgic message type. If there are any further conditions, missing parts, or dead-issues with the item that are unknown in this type of listing, we will not be held liable for it. Settings can be Copy and Pasted to other patches. Shipping and insurance costs are non-refundable.

Emagic’s Unitor8 MkII is the ideal communications center for the professional studio. Returns on new items are subject to restocking fees if qualifications are not met See qualifications below. In the unlikely event of notes sticking while in patch mode, the unitro button will quickly fix the problem.


For instance, if it were rack gear, we would recommend avoiding racking it until you were certain it was a “keeper”. Port is the input port that the Program Change message will miki from. You can also configure the Program Change settings that are used to select from the 32 Patches.

Any losses incurred because of inadequate insurance or return packaging will be subject to fees charged against the refund. When Emabic Signal is selected for the input, the slider allows you to set the audio threshold, and only one event message type can be defined. These features plus the advantage of ultra short lock times make Emagic’s Unitor8 MkII highly desirable in all production environments where intuitive workflow is as important as the time you will save.

When ujitor receive an item, open the package using a box cutter and be mindful not to tear up or throw away the box or any internal packaging. Return items must be repackaged for safe return with the same care in which you received it.

Use the Timing Patch drop down to select the timing settings that you would like to use. California residents pay 8.