It’s supposed to create a hidden sector to store the backup in but in typical computer logic cannot find the hidden sector to put the backup in This means if you want to view your recordings in a player other than FusionHDTV, you should ensure that ‘Current subchannel only’ is checked in the recording dialog box. I now have that problem with my W7 laptop and I cannot find out why. The jump back a few seconds does work. No, create an account now.

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It takes a couple of seconds to go to a new channel from the time you select your change. December 21, Messages: It’s a half-height Dico device, which means it can fit into a regular tower PC case or even a slim-line media centre, using the supplied half-height mounting bracket.

and New TV Cards

Microsoft with each version is trying harder to protect most users, it might not even have an ADMIN account. December 10, 1. In addition, small pauses are noticeable when initiating and stopping recordings and manual recordings don’t start when you click on the record button. Then you could format the original drive as the OP did.

Stephen, thanks for the update on the Dvico USB software. I have just checked, and it gives me the choice of BDA Tuners 1 and 2.


DVICO FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4 | MediaPortal HTPC

Media center also must do a scan for channels, that’s where HDHR tuner/bva with it’s ability to select channels by RF number.

It will be fully installed, nothing missing. Larry, WMC was included in most versions of windows 7 but not in Windows 8, so you likely don’t have that option on the new machine.

I now have that problem with my W7 laptop and I cannot find out why. As Nani said, an uninstall plus reinstall should fix the problem with the fusion software. Anyway, thanks again, tk.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Mind you, it has dvixo facility like Ghost, so that might make it worthwhile, now that I think about it! I confess, though, that I have never used VS to capture from the card.

Then create partitions to suit using Partition Magic or other partitioning software, run from a Win98 boot disc. It scanned and found all the available channels in the area dvio its first attempt. Not much use now, but you might consider making regular Windows System Restore points, enabling you to revert dvcio previous configurations in the event of stuff giving problems.

I have a similar set-up on my computer C: If he has problems he just gives the computer to another person to fix and grabs another one. It’s a bit round the houses, but it does work.


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But nothing will help when you have to do a re-scan dvkco every location change or rotation of an antenna. I only use Fusion for capture playbacks and it aborts in so many ways that I have to be very careful.

December 11, 4. Configuration is starting up. When I’m unable to find the cause of a problem, I simply restore a previous image of a tunfr/bda working configuration. BDA Tuner 1 missing Post a reply.

DVICO FusionHDTV Dual Digital 4

Stopping Microsoft Media Center services. I did look at Vista but dumped it, too many problems with existing software and hardware. There are too many stations in the major markets for them to configure any successful operation, and there’s no way they’re going to let OTA TV disappear.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I wonder if a HDHR might be a better solution, should I ever go camping again I would consider taking one of mine along.