Saves the index as an index file. Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image. It will invoke auto-focus at this point if that feature is chosen in the preferences window. This last is an enhancement beyond the capabilities offered by Photoshop, and is useful for avoiding sharpening noise in shadow areas. I did have to do a little research but it works fine on Debian Jessie Read full review Verified purchase:

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The black bar shows a duzl of how good the focus currently is, while the white bar shows the highest level that’s been reached since you opened the window. Two color strips below the slider bars report the pre- and post-adjustment color mapping.

Flesh tones, for example. Enlarges the cropped area of the preview.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner

As a Jii user I expected a struggle to get it to work on my system. This is the tricky part of this control, in that the adjustments are made in subtractive color space CMYKrather than the RGB additive color space most photographers and computer graphics users will be familiar with.

Up to 8x multi-sample scanning. Show less Show more. Duap Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III lets you save image correction settings as a “Job,” so that you can apply the same settings to an entire group of images or any other image.


With the slider set at “Low,” very little dust is removed, but image details are left undisturbed. Also, unlike Digital ICE, it had essentially no effect on emulsion scratches. Super-trivial “Easy Scan” software utility makes scanning easy for novices. Show More Show Less. Because I had been waiting for quite a while to digitize my collection of transparencies, my wife had to pry me away from the office for the next 2 weeks. The utility is perfect when you have a batch of negatives or slides that require little or no adjustment, as it greatly speeds up the scanning process.

The filmstrip holder can accommodate strips of 35mm film up to six frames in length, and the slide holder up to four slides. I have to admit that I saw very little difference in image quality between the two settings, ar-2840 the time difference wasn’t all that great either. You can also type a numeric value into these text boxes.

I have not played too much with the software dul to fully explore it’s capability but those film stripe scan looks very good. Once connected to the computer, the DSD-III is controlled through either of two excellent software programs that I’ll describe in greater detail below.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

A final conclusion will iiii to await a complete analysis of my test scans, but the early results are very promising. Lets you “grab” the portion of the image displayed in the preview window, and move it for viewing other areas. Here’s what the Easy Scan utility’s user interface looks like: The Dimage Scan Multi Af–2840 35mm film holder had little lips to catch one edge of the film, which largely eliminated this problem.


Konica Minolta USB 1. An 8 X 10 printout of the scan on my HP was stunning.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III

In reply to RyanFleser’s post on August 29, In my experience though, USM is such a multivariate af-840, and frequently so subject-dependent that a preview option is almost mandatory. This worked for me: Finally, the Dark Part Protection Level prevents sharpening from being applied to dark areas of the image.

This san the perfect scanner for negatives and slides. Displays a split screen showing the current image correction and the previous image. Specifies whether the driver software remains active after the final scan. Provides the multi-sample scanning option, which reduces image noise by analyzing image information from multiple scan samples.

It’s a Great Value! It was easy to set up once the software was installed.