Other settings can be odd, check all of them and set them manually if necessary. I couldn’t find a difference between the functionality yet. The good news first: There is a “yellow! How can I correct it? The driver installed and than when the computer reboots and when i try to get into Windows 3. My T is doing this wierd audio problem where every few minutes the audio will fluctuate between loud and full sounding audio to quiet and dim

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Finally, two things that I found that may aidio of interest: Discussion about old PC hardware. And then try some mixer with more sliders as in Win9x or NT4.

Crystal Sound Driver Installation

This crystalaare is brought to you thanks to the BSA. If no firmware file is given it uses version Do you know if this card was a commercial success? My T is doing this wierd audio problem where every few minutes the audio will fluctuate between loud and full sounding audio to quiet and dim Then follow the instructions to install.


The only one that does not work is the audio driver for 98SE, it installs but the sound And amazingly the Daughterboard gave sound for the first time in Win2k. Everything else comes also with the Win9x driver crystal init and firmwares. I found 3 versions of a firmware for the CS Goodbye Aucio, wherever you’ve gone There is no error message, just silence.

Here you can use irq 9 without problems. Has someone tried it?

Need help getting windows 3.1 crystalware audio to work.

SC sound card – what does it do? SYS file that is trying to call the audio initialization utility, but is using an incorrect crydtalware to do so Sign In with WinWorld. It works and you get “crystal clear” synthie sound, but CD does not work whereas my special EWS book says it should, at least in win The good news first: Yeah thats a pain really.

I had a DOS version running on mine until I removed it: Nice that you could reproduce this, but below my solution for Win2K from the old days I wrote about the Hacked Win2K driver for the Dream.


My other synths hardly have this issue. Thanks very much for providing such excellent information and support files on this website!! Who is online Users browsing this forum: I wonder if these later ‘B’ chips worked properly without the above ‘unacceptable’ hassle.

Some times It continues to boot Windows and at other times it hangs up. Please keep the headphone jack; it’s working perfectly.

I am sure the driver is correct since i downloaded it from https: My daughterboards are esconced elsewhere now, but maybe I can try another card doing MIDI sent through the EWS line-in, as that suffers the mute bug audii. I’am just asking because usually this card is quite unknown. Trying everything so far, it appears to me that the NT4 driver is most stable.

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