This is getting ridiculous. Locate Battlefield 4 then click add game this will update it. Also, several Windows 7 users have reported that the following steps corrected the issue for them: Have you fixed it? I haven’t found a solution yet, as I assume this is on the folks at EvenBalance.

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Motherboard Asrock X Gaming K4. I’m running the game on Steam; I did a google search that said to uncheck “Show Steam community in game”, but that didn’t seem to help.

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Edited January 3, by Sonovabich. Played BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for that around 3 times.

Catalyst drivers currently at Its not big deal. I appreciate the effort to reply to me. Stopped some services as well but still no help. Power Supply Seasonic Platinum.

If you run some type of personal firewall or security software, make sure that you configure it to fully allow our services, especially PnkBstrA. Frustrating beyond belief no doubt to have to work through crap like this.


Then click “all windows games”. It was Comodo Firewall. Posted January 7, Try day walkersNL tips and see if it helps. So for now I can say case closed on this one and thanks for the support, every little bit helps. Turn off your cheats and you will be fine for play.

It makes no sense, PunkBuster either kicks you but this way to intermittent.

I am also running on my laptop but WIN 10 instead of 7 and it works fine. All 3 times i just reenter the server and i dont get kicked again. Updated and even completely removed and re-installed Punkbuster several times trying to fix it.

pb kick disallowed program driver – – An Overclocking Community

A lot of people are reporting this, enough so that it is clearly a false positive. Please enter your progam user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

The HIPS updates this year seem to regard every single program I have installed already an intrusion.

EXE file on Even Balance’s website. Then I choose a local server. This didn’t work for progrma but I found that if I turned off steam community in game in my steam settings then it worked fine.


So I’ve been struggling disallowwd this problem for a while, and after digging through my logs I found this in PunkBuster’s C: Looks like PunkBuster kicks me out now every 20 minutes, I even installed Windows 10 but same issue so I moved back to Windows 7. Have patience, and if you find that you received an erroneous ban, open a ticket with PunkBuster, not EA.

Punkbuster Problem – Activision Community

PunkBuster kicked player ‘WarHulk’ for 0 minutes Forgot your username or password? This topic is now closed to further replies.

Hi everyone with the similar issue, I think I have fixed my problem. I haven’t found a solution yet, as I assume this is on the folks at EvenBalance. I still see hackers sometimes. Diwallowed In Sign Up.