Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The hexadecimal dump test is carried out when the printer is on line to print the data coming from the computer in hexadecimal code hexadecimal data. The sole warranty, if any, with respect to such non-Canon brand items is given by the manufacturer or producer thereof. Low charge is indicated by the charge indicator lighting green when the battery is installed in the printer and the Universal adapter is plugged. A high level indicates a logical 1; a low level indicates a logical 0.

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If a print defect occurs, do a head cleaning. Occurs when a BJ cartridge is not installed and the cartridge replacement mode is terminated by the printer. When operation is stopped for the waste ink full error, handle the printer as explained in Part 5: By controlling the temperature of the heaters, the small and large dots can be printed. This adjustment is conducted when the initial operation is performed after the printer is powered on by the POWER button, or when the printing operation is performed after the print mode is changed.

The sucked ink is absorbed by the ink absorber in the pump and finally collected in the waste-ink absorber. The scanner controller also controls the following image processing: Technical Reference BjC 4.


Install the ink cartridge in the print head immediately after unsealing the pillow bag. Bmc-50, the battery will not be charged while printing or cleaning.

Canon Bjc 50 Windows 7 Driver

Search Our Knowledge Base Please enter your question: No smearing during paper feeding and discharging. When the power is turned off, the carriage is locked so that it does not move from the capping position.

Please remove the lithium battery from the printer. Check scanning document size.

The DC 1 and DC3 control codes become valid when this signal is high and invalid at low. When you remove the cap from an ink cartridge, install the ink cartridge on the print head body immediately to prevent clogging cr the nozzles due to ink drying or foreign matters. Technical Reference 2 Printer controller section The printer controller contains the parallel interface controller, print head controller, scanner head controller, CR motor controller, paper feed motor controller, buffer controller, DRAM controller, iwn controller, etc.

Also, never touch the print head bubble jet nozzles or wipe it with tissue paper or the like. Optimize output resolution to create near-photographic images.

Canon Bjc 50 Windows 7 Driver

Bjc-05 careful not to get any ink in your mouth or eyes. The printer detects the level of the ink remaining in the ink cartridge by counting the number of dots ejected, and indicates when the ink runs out.


Each part is responsible for ensuring that a certain head-to-paper distance is maintained.

Dots along the character’s edges are added or deleted to smooth their edges. The flash ROM program can be rewritten using this mode.

The color image is output by 8-bit signals, gradation in each RGB primary color. IBM character set 1, 2 and all code page,, gjc-50,and Italic character set and Graphic character set After the 10 bit data has been transformed into RZ signals, the signals are sent to the infrared transmitter. In the event service is required for the Product during the limited warranty period, Canon USA offers two hardware support options:.

Never switch the power on if there has been a leak. The dpi data for the horizontal axis is sent to the printer and the edges are smoothed at a higher resolution. A low signal indicates that data can be received. However, it does not give noticeable improvement to TrueType fonts and illustrations.

Safety and Precautions BjC 1. Product Specifications BjC 4. One cycle Din 1 Color: Another feature is the IrDA module which has realized wireless infrared communication.