Post as a guest Name. To help you, I need to see what happened. If your wireless router or access point is 22Mbps or more capable, then once things are working, you can go back and set the rate higher, or you can just let auto-rate do it for you. If, instead you see ” If so, break it down to me. Just installing this package is not enough; you have to create a link to the version of gcc that you wish to run. It is developed by the acx project.

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Probing PCI hardware bus 00 [ Adding this in case anyone else avx an old acx wifi card and is having trouble getting it to work on ubuntu.

Texas Instruments ACX PCI card

If you’re able, I would also encourage you to make a donation to the project’s originator and lead developer: Now prepare the kernel source, type: One acc step is required to get your newly created “local” file into the startup system, type: All the other steps appear to be unnecessary, and they are quite difficult to achieve with a fresh install of dapper, since Internet access is likely not available due to this very problem, and a lot of stuff needs to be downloaded, and packages fetched.


RealTek RTL at 0xffffca, How to install Texas Instruments ACX 54Mbps Wireless Interface Hi, recently i install ubuntu-server 32bits last version and after i installed to xubuntu-desktop, i have Texas Instruments ACX 54Mbps Wireless Interface for wireless network,but unfortunally didn’t found in the system, i have been trying to install it but nothing, someone can help me?

I will re-install my rt card to get to the Internet and add the output of iwconfig to show both cards at boot time. Not ljnux task for a newbie.

Is there a utility program anywhere that will save the original firmware on this card?? If you need assistance with any of this, feel free to email me: For the acx they are named: Your kernel version numbers 2.

IRQ0 used by override.

Registered protocol family 2 [ I’ve done some other testing Out of those 9 lines listed, we’re only interested in that last one:. This is a single, compressed file, called a “tarball”.

If you need to reset your password, click here. Any suggestions other than buying a new card? As part of this discussion, mention was made of the APIC messages that were in my dmesg output If, instead you see ” Now, verify the presence of the wireless-tools, type: If you have achieved association, but your pings to your wireless access point still come back “unreachable”, then possible causes scx.

acx – Debian Wiki

Display the throughput not weighted Script has to be customized. However, I did find a link which still works. Join our community today!


Please note that the acx driver does not support WPA authentication. In the meantime, you can still use these devices and get the most recent possible revisions of the driver by going to: Once you have it up and running, use the search facility if there is one and search on “kernel-source” which seems to be nearly universal as the package name for the kernel sources, once found, install it.

Craig’s ACX100/111 Guide for Linux

Substitute your access point’s ssid name for the “name” part of that command, and be aware that it’s case-sensitiveso “Default” is not the same as “default”.

If you are able to search the filenames contained within the packages as opposed to the package 1111 themselves then search on “gcc” to determine what package to install for the compiler.

This does not work. If you are re- compiling the source, start with make clean and then makefollowed by make 1111. Worked first time for me on Ubuntu